Rachel Potter VoicePlay - Where You Are

Moana, make way, make way
Moana, it's time you knew
The village of Motunui is all you need

Consider the coconut (the what?)
Consider its tree
Each part of the coconut that's all we need

We make our nets from the fibers
The water is sweet inside
We use the leaves to build fires
We cook up the meat inside

The village believes in us (that's right!)
The village believes
The island gives us what we need
And no one leaves

So here I'll stay
My home, my people beside me
And when I think of tomorrow
There we are

I'll lead the way (our water is sweet inside)
I'll have my people to guide me (we use the leaves to build fires)
We'll build our future together (we cook up the meat inside)
Where we are, where we are

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