Naberus - Slaves

We’re stuck in a vicious cycle
Wake, work, eat, sleep, repeat
Serve like mindless disciples
Praise the dollar, we use to make ends meet
Bow down to the holy saviour
The shrine that holds the gold
Embrace visions of grandeur
Indebted with interest they hold

We’re living the reality that we
Will slave away for every night and day until we
Grow old, wrinkled, tired and grey
Until we bite the dust, our lives stolen from us for nothing

Pay back the gods with minimum wage
For they have set the stage, dangle the carrot on a string above us
We jumped so high with arms outstretched, now we are doomed to pledge
Allegiance to monopolizing business

We’ve slaved our lives away
Bare the scars from where we’ve bled
But what was it for
The pigs just want more
Replace all our hope with dread

We must beg to our masters
Roll on the ground and kiss their feet

It’s in their eyes
There’s no disguise
Their thirst for wealth is so insatiable

Rape the soil
And reap nectar within

They plot their plans
Elaborate scams
To fool us all into believing them

Kill the world
Whilst they steal from the working man

Steal it all
Steal it all
Grab everything that they can

Steal it all
Steal it all
Everything not tied down

We must beg to our masters
Roll on the ground and kiss their feet

They’ll stop at nothing
Make contracts arranged for your soul
Reward the ignorant with this toll

Creating plastic designed to use out of control.
Cutting hours decrease payroll.

The Wolves are hungry for blood
They circle round your door

The leeches never give up
Drink till you breathe no more.

We’re all just slaves
We’re all just slaves

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