Deer tick - Hope is big

Happy Birthday Black song to my cancerous blood
Will you please feed me my tube
So many oceans to swim
But I lost my will to swim
Hope is big but there always gonna win

Now I felt a cool breeze on my invalid knees
It reminded me of our kiss in the summer
Vicarious like my grandmothers kiss at christmas

Hope is big, it's so big
Hope is big, oh, it's so big
Yeah, their always gonna win

Now all the ashes were red
The fire trucks lose their engines
Tombstones flicker on the fourth of july
Janitor keys jingle jangle the loneliest tunes
Hope is big but we're always gonna lose

Now your up and your out
In your impervious doubt
And your love won't bring us the truth
While I hear rats in the moon light
Tangled up in our fight

Hope is big, oh, it's so big
Hope is big, oh, it's so big
But they're always gonna wain

Writers: John McCauley


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