Deer tick - Cocktail

I started missing the days
Where as soon as I'd wake
I'd make a cocktail
I'd spend the time that you took
Giving me dirty looks
With my cocktail

And just like every love affair
On the far [?] my armor shows
On a border shop full of hope
And I'd get a little green
I could be dancing on one leg
And enjoying the masquerade
Well I'm not making any lemonade
But I got lemons if you need

In my [?]
I'd sing a serenade and sip a cocktail
My very own world view I'd tell the people I knew
Through a cocktail
Oh can you turn to
When the world is bleeding you dry
May I now turn you loose
And watch you either in the day light?

Sometimes I feel like a corpse
With a lifetime subscription
Just a strange proposition
Oh, the [?] sacrifice

Now how is every day the same
In a variety of places
All the [?] and empty spaces
In the middle of a crowd
I could be slipping off the wing of a dove
Or tied up onto the tree [?]
But either way I'd ain't coming back
The only way out is down
Yeah, the only way out, my friend
Is falling down

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