Groove armada - I'm just a kid (don't make me feel like a man)
Overige artiesten: Daryl hall & john oates

Little girl what's your name
Now don't you go looking at me like that
You might see I'm ashamed, what's your name
Talk with me, won't you talk with me

Oh pretty girl
It ain't too hip faking lines you ain't taking
But your lips make me say it that way
Now there's no use you resisting
This is the Cradle Thief insisting
I think you better let me have it my way

Fool around with me, come on mess around with me


Will you survive, learn to drive
I know you can't describe the dreams you want to be
Either stay or get away
I'm not playing around, can't you tell the way I'm squeezing
Your hand

I'm just a kid don't make me feel like a man
Silly girl I'm just playing
Now did you think that I'd be nuts enough to try an' pick you up
Don't you know it's a game, it's all a game I've been playing

But what'd you say your name was,
Walk with me, just around the corner baby maybe you could even
Try to talk to me
Damn you talk to me!
Damn you talk to me!

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