Evil activities - Evilution

The time I lost is gone
I'll never get it back
But, my years in the dark didn't kill me
And my work remains
And even though I might not understand what's happening to me
I have faith in the final outcome
After all, I'm doing what I was intended to do
Becoming what I was meant to be
I look forward to corresponding with you again
And I know it's been a long time
I tell you this as a courtesy
You can observe my work
But there's no point in trying to interfere with it
I'm now in full command of my talents
I hope the world is ready

Evilution (x?)

Evilution, an imperfect and often violent process
The question of good and evil reduced to one simple choice:
Survive, or perish
Oh my god

Morality loses it's meaning
Oh my god

Oh my god, oh my god
Please, please!

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