The game - Uncle (skit)
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Que paso, Papi?
Cuando me vas a llevar a TJ para puedas conocer mis padres?
El proximo semana
Haha! Nah, i'm for real! Hey, you seen my uncle today?
Yeah, he over there talking to Pedro about some money he owes him
Aight, call him for me
Terrel! Chuck over here looking for you
Hey, hey, hey, what's happening with it nephew?
You know, everyting and everything. You dig, I'm just chilling. What's happening with you
Just came here to check on you and Mama
Oh man, you know it's always a beautifull thing when you see your nephew here in the neighbourhood, you dig
I'm just sliding trough, man
Yeah, well dig. I heard you been over there in that studio with Dr.Dre landing down them cold YA DIG'S!
Yeah man, we been over there gettin' it in
Well, you know. Just let 'em know one thing


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