Rich Boy - Nights Like This
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Nights like This I Wish
To ride Low In The chevy hit a switch
In the city burning killer with a bitch
Mirror mirror on the wall call me the shit

Creeping up on ya' bending corners
That reefer aroma, strong as ammonia
But we keep it on us
Niggas is no longer importin'
You had your moment
But we still smoking
Season is open on duck ass niggas who don't know what the code is
If the g's brung' you up then you would have known this
Now witness the coldest
Now I'm rolling my own shit
Ownership, owning this, owning that
Park them cars in the back cause them hoes know your whip
Identified by what you drive
The streets don't have a face but it has ears and eyes
And sharp muhfukng teeth it will eat your ass alive
Living dangerously high this hustle is a drug this game is a bitch the only one i love

Yup, yup. I’m in a stupid clean Chevy, whole top glassed out
Me & Spitta hopped off in a super sport & smashed out
Catch me on the next flight, high, living that Jet Life
My pockets got an appetite that make the pussy pop tonight
Loud pack bought a pound at the Jet Lounge ?

[Hook Tiny C]

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