Devo - Clock out

All right, clockout!
I got my coat
I got my keys
I got my head down to my lungs
And move my feet
Me, I got all the secretaries
Down on their knees
Look at 'em scoot
They gonna clockout

I got my money
Tied up in stock
I got my mammy
Take my doggie for a walk
Me, I got the biggest little business
Down on the block
Get ready, get set
Cause we gonna clockout

I'm makin' sales hand over fist
I got a vacuum just to sweep between my ears
Me, I got a six figure unit that's never been kissed.
Down on all fours
Cause we gonna, we gonna
We gonna, we gonna clockout

Take my advice
Hear my decree
I'm afraid the future's gonna be
Maintenance free
I got the big brush for your bowl
Baby, can't you dig my plea
Gonna gag
Unless we clockout
No, no, no

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