Shabazz palaces - Ishmael

Mimicking gods

I was known on the throne which
Fully charged on the stars
Light through the carts
So when I sat up and lie
I'm just lying on the
So when I stand up and
Sun is still until city is still
Cause see me still in our sun still

Sinister mind, sinister minds
Sinister plans or sinister do
Sinister motives, sinister moves
Sinister shine, sinister moves
Sinister hearts against the grove
Sinister ranks with sinister crew

This all hard deal from me to you
Started all rude I finished you smooth
It's too crude, our minds is fluid
Meredith, please tell them
Telling this bitch, 'that's my crew!'
Delicate times who show improve
A lot of the women teach you
Might be to teach us through
In the jungles I'm followed through
Everything is audible
Cause every style I tried is swallowed hoes
Some of old mines are
Somebody falls, some see you through
This another fire I can blow
Corny ass folks, so I throw in dough
Tripping all times, it's paper thrown
My business is incalculable
My my falcon soft

Intimacy I doubt you know
Diamond and jewel, you came and go
Fucking with me, she stays and glows
Covered their lives and mad as stone
All our stories are told because
From a past platoon
Brought forth in rhymes
A secret memory, a way with
Sell us all this shit
You can back us against the wall
And hit that
I'm asking, where did it go?
What happened to my folks?
Beauty bought by empty core
Loving what you're done
I can't understand, why we come home sweat
And place ourselves behind
All these things we gave away, plus

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