I the breather - Shape:shifter

You say you wanted to be broken wrong
Lost the whole that once was you
Sucks it wasn't you to use up
See what the devil's been (oh, take me!)

Please forgive me for I am not what I used to be!
You simploid! Please forgive me, say what's right yours
Just a name! Just a name!
(If I don't see, if I don't see)

If I don't see, it took out of me the greeds of the way
The curing
Before you see it is too broken that it need brings down

It lacks munging in it's own
With the devil at heart
Laughing and debating
Longing for self pursuit
We forget names for all we built
No one used to be, used to be
Please forgive me
Take what's my own, just a name
Deceit me!
I can't deal with myself

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