Chrissie hynde - Adding the blue

Everybody's asking where did you go?
This gonna be my masterpiece
The paint's not even dry yet,oh no
I could trace the outline of a shadow
I need blood and breath
To mix my colours

Where did you go?
After you promised me a portrait
Took off your clothers, held a pose
Drawing youour arms, your hands and vens and fingers and your lips
Broken nose
On your eyes, so just stare into the distance
Please don't move,
Whatever you do
While I'm adding the blue

I know I'm not monet or van gogh
I can't draw like S. Clay Wilson
You got insede the brush
That chips with red
I can't draw from memories or photos
I need blood and breath
But you left me nothing

Closed this chapter yesterday
Take this page and throw it away
Fill the holes in,
Sand the wall
You were never here at all
The warmth where someone never stood
Promises were never good
The smell of human sweat and tears
A passing thought,
The paing year baby.

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