Randy rogers band - Better off wrong

This might be a good time to say goodbye
But I can't thing of one last thing we ain't tried
You're gonna see it your way, I'm gonna see it mine
The thought of workin' it all through again makes me tired, makes me tired


But everybody's gonna say it's a shame
Everybody's gonna lay the blame on us for not doin' enough
They didn't have those sleepless nights
Fightin' hard to make things right
When we both know when it's this far gone
We're better off wrong, better off wrong

Whenever it could've been easy, we made it tough
Tear ourselves all apart just so we could make up
After all the drama, baby, we were back to square one
But everything that could've saved us had been done, if it all said and done



We're better off wrong, yeah we're better off wrong

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