Dr. dog - Distant light

The man appeared to me inside that yellow wood
I’d carved his name in the dirt, at the crossroads where we stood
He said, “Are you looking for directions?”
I said, “Gee, I wish you would. Which way to the infinite road that unwinds from within.”

He said, “Follow the distant light”
Oh’ you know I will! Follow the distant light, just a little bit over the hill
Follow the distant light and although you’ll never near it
You can travel on forever and you’ll never be back here
I said, “alright”

The stranger appeared to me, he hopped down from his tree
I said, “I can give you anything, but you know that nothing’s free.”
Well I could take it or leave it. I said, “well what do you want from me.”
He said, “nothing much really, just a small token of appreciation
that would mean so little to man like you and so much to a man like me.”

Gimme the distant light
Oh no I cannot do it
Gimme the distant light, he said through his teeth
Gimme the distant light
I said, “I ain’t quite yet through with it”
As I saw it shining dimly through the branches of his tree, I walked on

Following the distant light
Like the way some people look for parking
Following the distant light, and tripping all over my feet
But following the distant light
And I know if I keep walking, I’ll never touch it,
but as long as I move it’ll shine down on me

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