Deer tick - Just friends

When you stare from across the room
I can't tell if you're looking at me
Or just looking through
The others celebrate the end of the work week
But it's Tuesday for me and you
To say that we're just friends would never do us justice
We're a couple of gems
Swept into the dustbin

Oh, when you pay your respects to the past
I can't tell if it's a nervous laugh
And you think we could have made it last
The others frail and they cut of their tails
Their dreams dance to death in their glass
We're more than just dreamers when we ourselves believe it
We have the rest of our lives
Just gotta reach out and steal it

Ooh-ooh, you're selling me up the river
I can't seem to remember
That you said you just needed a friend
Just a friend

When you speak are you holding back
It's all I've asked between now and the past
I'd love to hear you answer that
They'll turn on the lights and we'll say our good nights
Though they're not good enough to last
While I'm tossin' and turnin', babe, is your love burnin'
Or have we laid it to rest
Are we really just friends

Oh, are we really just friends

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