Deltron 3030 - The agony

My planet, my homeworld
Deltron Zero planet any or are you first?
Time has come to simply start
Living again, we have come to damn far
Existing only for benefits of other's like worker bees
Until a worker sees like Hercules
I burst and squeeze laser cannons
With a team of freelance mercenaries we standing
On our personal starship, with entertainment modules
Emerges you inside a world that's all gold
Artificial, our ship is hard to hit too
Transport vessels we strip down to the nickel
Undercover agents with valuable information
Of battle winning aces against embassies and enemies
Sharp flying travel destroys any objects closer than detonation
Leave em vegetation

Now you're witnessing the quick thinking
And dexterity of a sick genius
Deltron Zero, you're a bit squeamish
Cause I'm rumored to brandish thermolasers in a fit of fiendish
Military demonstration destroyed in the blast, any trace of information
Related to my grand schemes garnishing support for other agents
Who can't take it no more, go and inch shit
My titanium funk was born to be created
By gaining absolute power over my creations
From presentation to demonstration to penetration
To your psyche where you can take the raisin
For your own conclusion I restore your freedom
Before the industry made it a commodity you needed to buy back
Just a consumable that's regulated through regulation
They make you jump through the Matrix

Superior technology wielded by the oddity
The loose cannon, the lyrical mage and prodigy, Deltron probably
Who else can melt a dock-and-bay officer to fine fermented ale?
The private resources we stole from starfighters
Sending counter attacks to black out return fire
My favourite, the heavy ion cannon
Blue-white energy will fry y'all planet
But not before I infiltrate your information network
Spy operations, we locating the wealth first
The projected holograms, were a scam that were recognized from jump
Giving the illusion of some
Former camaraderie's a scream in court
But they needed more, they had to flee or be torched
The sight of the skies and these dream loops
Became very difficult to see through, though he knew

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