P?Money feat. M.o.p. - The Hardest

[Chorus: x2]
Hood shit, we got a different kinda flow
Get ‘em, get ‘em, good shit
You niggas would be lost, Brownsville
(Hood Rich) My niggas wanted all and we the hardest motherfuckers hip-hop ever came across

The most interesting man in the world, Billy Danze
I took Brooklyn international, it wasn’t in your plans
You’re lame, critter lane, it’s room for improvement
Across the united nations, acknowledge the movement
I’m rewriting the script, demolishing blueprints
Buckle new, polished all my real shit
Adapt to whatever’s cracking
It’s not a problem, I’m a felon and a wilder
Gentleman and a scholar
So the money straight range from hood to white collar
By any means, this is the theme I will follow
M.O.P. forever the team, our honor
You niggas said you’re bottled up and stuck out on drama
We’re trues for the life, running tears from your mama
Don’t marry hood, nigga, plan it on the corner
Bang with us, I don’t think you wanna weave.
Plotters plot plotters, they shoulda warned ya

[Chorus: x2]

This ain’t a game, son, I’ll break the beat on y’all you haters
I was thugging back when Ed Cox was our mayor
BM’s with the BB’s, goons, ever fire in a truck when it’s fair go?
Where them years go? I’m M.O.P., Jim Brown
Setting the 21 edition, I just follow tradition
I remember when snitches got stitches
Nowadays those kids don’t care, they say them shits gonna hit ‘em
Too late, you get the clap and send that kick home square
That’s a lifetime cost and that shit don’t heal
And I’m not through the bullshit, my life style is in the city rules
Coincided with innocent and blues
Where I’m from sell is nothing to squeeze
Blood run through the streets and it’s up to your knees
So come on, play with us, I don’t think you wanna weep
Riders ride on riders, they shoulda warned ya

[Chorus: x2]

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