P?Money feat. Peace - Finding God

In the middle of the night
Bottom of the world
But the view ain’t that bad
From where I stand
‘Cause I can still see the stars
Behind the smog
And I ain’t giving up just yet on finding God

Excited of simple things like dimples in my girl’s back
She told me to hold her tightly but I’m wonderin where the world’s at
Stuck in the middle of nowhere, given a chance I wouldn’t turn back
I’d rather be broke than turning on people who had it when I was hurt bad
Some real shit
So I write like it was a key to unlock the holds inside of it there
Potential of what it could be
Fight to keep this life free as the stars
Because not even we could speak of what we could become
Given a week away from harm, let’s be sure that can start
A hungry writer from his heart turned into dark like his odds not even a spark
And when he heat up in this cold
Mess light up in this alone
This hole is the only thing I can hold on
2 nowadays as they begin to blur
My dreams are being more than I fiend begin to stir
From my need to be content inside of myself
To inspire inspite of my doubt


Life only a dull reflection of death
So I ride, I need to make the best of what’s left
Living fast but none the less I’m dying slowly
And my heart just an engine and my mind is only just a spark plug
And I think I need a jumpstart
No matter where I turn I’m headed for the junkyard
Don’t want my time back
Who do I need to speak to
Bout everything I’ve been through for me to be who I am
Does anyone even know whether we die? Hello
You know that we never come back, right?
Ayo, anyone get the reply? Uh
Anyone livin their mind tellin me there’s a Messiah
Send some more than sky, huh?
Something I hope that you’re right
You really believe that, you really gon read that book literally
And then I need that, you never thought that maybe it could be history
Telling me that and then tell you I disagree
I’ll tell you the truth, it all just sounds like some bullshit to me

I… I’ll never believe in no god
But I believe in the skies
And when I die, I die

[Chorus: x2]

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