Eve - Grind or die

[Chorus: x2]
Grind or die, gri-grind or die
Grind or die, gri-grind or die
Grind or die, gri-grind or die
Grind or die, gri-grind or die

Who you know gonna come better than me
Putting in work, got em birds still asleep
Call me the best jump, man 23
Call the police ‘cause I’m murderin beats
Nothing mediocre, turns always stop er
Something like the kush, burned it up
They forgot I got the game on smash and I’m up with the hammer
Have em all flabergassin, leavin with a stema
Out of this world, like deal in the party
All up in the ears, I’m droppin this knowledge
My buzz stay strong, yo buzz never started
My albums are the shit your career never farted
You thought I left, I wasn’t gone, I’m just back again
I was overseas making them millions
From Belgium to Brickston, over to Japan
International paper, getting paid again

[Chorus: x2]

It’s crunch time, my time, baby I’mma get it
Heat it up, stir the pot, throw some Eve in it
Cook it up, servin fiends just a lil bit
Having my big plate, better believe it
Tell them suckers go hard or go home
No surprise, make a claim to the throne
Time’s up, kingdom overthrown
Make way, you catch it back to the dome
Be sweet, got my lyrics steady man
Droppin on these hoes, yellow tape got the sin
It is what it is, I’m a lyrical dream
Show some respect and bow down to the queen
I’m sittin pretty, walk up to the culture
But don’t doubt me, I’m a pure brand hustler
Everything I had I had and gonna get
‘Cause wasn’t nobody ever giving me shit

[Chorus: x2]

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