Mindless Behavior feat. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em - I Lean

(I leann)
Soulja boy tell em
Mindless behavior (i leannn)
Watch me watch me
Aye aye
(I leann) watch me do it
(I leannn) soulja boy tell em

She like the way I leaann
You know I had to do it
Shawty she so fine
Man my game is stupid (stupid) (stupid)
DJ run that music
I can read her mind and she's about to lose it (lose it) (lose it)
She's about to lose it
Shawty she's so fine
Man, my game is stupid (stupid) (stupid)
DJ run that music
I can read her mind and she's about to lose it

Got her nickname on her necklace
That's gold
I love the way her polish
Make her nails look like they glow
I can tell she fly when she ain't got nowhere to go
She keep that hair and makeup like she's staring in a show
Want to see what she got on that say party tho
We get turnt up on the floor
She wanna have me on the low
Why pretty girls dont dance no more?
When I’m on girl say gone girl
I know she will be rolling, rolling, rolling


(Soulja Boy tell em)

Shawty so fineee
One of a kindd
Looking so sexy
Always on my mind
Shawty's so turnt up
Turn around and drop it
I wanna see you move it
Turn around and pop it
Baby put her technique on display
She do it like she practice in the mirror every day
You know she start to feel it
When she flip away her bangs
All her girls giggle
But the homies be like dangggg
What about one more time
Thats whats up
Chop real talk now back it up
Rep yo city, give it up
Light off lights on and we switching up
Bounce to the left side, right side
She drop it, then she roll it, roll it, roll it


What's up
We all
Turnt up
When you
To lose
Tour mind
(ugh let me get it Prod)
What's up with cha
You in here with yo sister
She having all the fun
And you taking all the pictures
I think your the prettiest one
Never met no girl like you
Soulja Boy
(Roc let me tell em)
Shawty you so cool
You know what to do

Baby girl said she got a thing for young dudes
Notice that I stay with brand new chains
And brand new shoes
Snapback, white tee, and a iPad
She like the way I lean, baby girl you bad
Lets chillin, watch a movie and do what we do
Baby girl you so hot, welcome to the crew
I like the way you move it, I like the way you pop it
So you should keep on going and you shouldn't stop it


She like the way we lean
Oh yeah

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