Forest sun - Like water in the desert

Like water in the desert
Or your hand upon the sun
Like a bird who’s lost it’s feathers
A hammer on your thumb
I’ve given you my tattered tunes
And lifted up your veil
I’ve sat upon your amber throne
And lived to tell the tale
This I know
All creatures meet at the watering hole
This I see
Me in you and you in me
It rained again last Thursday
I came close to letting go
The desert drank it all
When the cistern overflowed
The sunlight held no promise
But I let fly anyway
The wind blew close upon us
At the edge of the day
Glad for the oasis
Happy to stay a while
Can you find where we misplaced us?
Or where you left your smile?

Writers: Forest Sun Schumacher

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd. , FOREST SUN MUSIC

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