A New Dawn - Descending

A New Dawn - Descending

Be wise, think twice
Your life the price

Be wise, think twice
Before you throw
it all away
Your life the price
What a price to pay

Dreams have longe gone
Trapped within four walls
She's taken a fall

What has become of me,
my life seems
a distant memory
Denies she's fallen
from grace
Is this just a bad dream
or have my nightmares
become realty?
Tapped inside a rat race

Scarred, scarred again,
when a young life ends
She has given all before,
now she will no more

In my dreams
I saw the walk of fame
with pavements
with my name
and me as a rising star
Do know it's just
for now, I'll figure out
my life somehow
Can sell you body,
not your love

Don't do a thing
you'll regret
Got to make
the best of what you get
Don't throw away,
all your given
Don't waste your life

Don't listen to
your demons
You're worth much
more, don't give up
Just change your life,
make it happen
And show the worlf...

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