Pusha t - What dreams are made of

It's so hard for me to sit back here in this studio
Looking at a guy out here hollering my name
When last year I spent more money on spilled liquor
In bars form one side of this world to the other
Than you made
You talkin' to the Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing
Kiss stealing, woo, wheeling dealing, limousine riding
Jet flying son of a gun
And I'm having a hard time holding these alligators down

To all hustlas with the same interest
Bow your heads as the Lord's mention
Prayer service held in the kitchen
I wish they never found Jimmy Henchmen
I'm what dreams are made of
Cocaine Ronald gave us
Then Nancy tried to save us
By that time we had Motorola pagers
Now we push button start motors
Yacht owners, you small ballin, that's pop warner
Menage a trois in the bath house
Blew money on 'em, bitches never bad mouth
You glass slipper bad whores, I just cash out
You open doors, I open jaws and pass out
Luxury is just my lifestyle
I'm Scott free with a million dollar bright smile

You niggas gettin' money, I never hear about it
The bricks fell, I skip jail, live to tell about it
I'm what dreams are made of
I'm what dreams are made of
Sell that pussy to me, I'd rather buy it baby
Look at ya purse you need the help, you can't deny it baby
I'm what dreams are made of
I'm what dreams are made of

Yeah, Louboutins under sweats
A hundred just landed from responding to a text
Niggas talk money but I'm still unimpressed
When these thousand dollar sneakers got me feeling under dressed
Hip Hop bores me, hustlas applaud me
Too much school boy, not enough rude boy
Nothing match the feeling of pulling up in that new toy
And it ain't even half of my safe, tuck like Jew boy
Bentley with the rag-top yarmulke
It says kilometres all on my speedometer
Cocaine under my tongue like thermometer
I got the fever, I never took a breather
Need a way out like Nas needed an Ether
Like Mike Vick chased by Peta
More Pony hairs, more Zebras
More pythons, more lizards


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