Joe jonas - Take it and run

She's the kind of girl
Who wears her clothes to tight
Goes to all the parties
She's the queen of the night
She wears way too much eyeliner
And red heels, sky high

She's the kind of girl
That will tear your heart into pieces
Crush all your dreams, yeah

Take take take it and run
You'll be crying when she's done
Take take take it and run
Then she's on her way
Another guy, another day

She's the kind of girl
Who's got a bad reputation
Half of it's true,
Half of it's misinformation
Something 'bout her is so damn attractive
I know she's poison
But I can't stop the reaction


They warn me she's out of control
She'll grab your heart
And she'll never take it slow
She'll kiss your lips in the parking lot
You'll want to stop, but you can't stop
And it's getting hot, getting way too hot
And before you know it,
You've done something stupid
That you'll regret later on

And then she'll leave
With that red lipstick
and her cigarettes
And she thinks she's so cool

[Chorus: x2]

Take take it and run

[Repeat: x4]

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