Danny brown - Outer space

Meet the future face to face
And make sure feel like you there in outer space
We need to see

It's the Adderall Admiral, writing holy macarel
Your bitch say my dick long like the strap on a satchel
I took me a capsule with no hassle
Now it's like I dip feathers of ink in a castle
A prodigy like bullets that hit your left clavicle
Melt sweat suits and paint the avenue
You have no clue like toy stores without board games
But when I paint pictures, I'm dipping brushes in war paint

I'm a mothafuckin' mothafucka
Fucking on your mother with two rubbers, I do fuck her
No cover just her booty on a pillow
Your bitch said my dick tastes like tropical fruit Skittles
I'm bumping Bill Withers, Swishers on Schwarzenegger
Matter fact, nah nigga, they on Boa Constrictors, they'll choke a nigga
These niggas ain't rappers, they mothafuckin' characters
Caught your baby momma horny then I stuck a carrot in her
Then you made a salad with her, ate isht for dinner
I don't want that skinny bitch look like that ho from Thinner
Swore she played soccer, she was real good with headers
Had me yelling "Goal!" while I was sitting on the dresser
Give the bitch a hat trick, smoking on the cat piss
I keep the bitch wet, around you she's a cactus

I got them Penis Psalms for your Vagina Monologues
Love a feminist bitch, oh, it get my dick hard
So no apologies for all the misogyny
I just want your company to come and watch some porn with me
My oral orchestration causes manipulation
The way these hoes be chasing though I had the tongue of Satan
But I just gave 'em dick to get more for conversation
Why you niggas tricking, giving your obligation
You safe havens, I'm Wes Craven with X cravings
Fuck a bitch mouth until her fucking face cave in
Hidden cams in her house, I caught her masturbating
Extorted her for the cash, now your ass paying
You Captin Save-Them-Ass, nigga
I don't give a bitch shit but hard dick and liquor
So so nice to meet you, I hope that you're safe

Writers: Daniel Sewell


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