Tame one - The moment i feared

[Tame 1]
Ya know I'm sayin, so I'm sayin..
Ya know I'm sayin, so I'm sayin..

[Verse 1]
I had to listen to yo' mixtape, grttin my teeth
The last song on the tape, oh what a relief
The music sounded booty and as rigid as tin
So I took it out and put my own tape in
Now I'm happy as can be it's workin out so well
People said I couldn't do it on the mic without L
It's the year two-thou, niggaz soundin like hell
Put out independent singles, hopin my shit sells
Now back on the scene, I don't bother no one
I roll strictly with the Sqwad who let me do Tame 1
All my blackin out is over, it's time to have fun
I be smokin Isabella with this kid named John
Gettin blunted up in front of clubs in NYC
We went to this open mic event and got in free
Grabbin all the girlies booties, takin ecstasy
'cause I'm a wild north nigga and they don't stress me
Durban Dayer spit the vapor for some light ring smoke
And the club security was lookin all down my throat
Is it 'cause I'm Tame, and I'm always blunted?
Security ran down tellin me to gut it
It was the moment I feared..

[guard] Yo yo yo, you can't blaze up in here
[guard] Take it down five times George
[Tame1] This is the moment I feared
[guard] Yo don't make me take it from you
[guard] Put it out or get out muhfuckers

[Verse 2]
I said, "Yo this is the deal, we only came for the girls
And for you takin my dutch, ain't no way in the world"
He said, "Tame you know the game and how the NY change"
Kicked us out the club and had to go back home in the train
So I went to a buddha spot, yo we got us a nick'
So we smoked and we joked about some industry shit
Saw my money on the block with this chick named Brenda
I used to hit, but I acted like I couldn't remember
She shouted me out, but I really couldn't hear her
So I got a little bit closer just to hear a little clearer
She said, "I'm lookin for Salem where I think they sell weed at"
I said, "I know where that's at, 'cause it's around where I be at"
I gave her the information and she went on her way
I went home and took it down till almost two the next day
Someone's ringin my bell, I opened up word bond
It was Brenda half-naked with a edible thong
Tried to suit me and seduce me, and at first I wasn't wit it
Then she licked it and I hit it, then we did it, and we did it
She said it was great, she said she was glad that we done it
I walked her to the bus but money grip was on it
It was the moment I feared..

[money] Yo what is you doin wit ya hand all over my girl's ass duke?!
[Tame1] Easy, easy duke
[money] Easy? Yo what is you doin up here
[Tame1] Hold up hold up, take it up witcha girl
[money] I just KNOW y'all ain't get to fuck that lil' bitch!

[Verse 3]
While he was wylin out and blackin then he swung on me (word)
Then I pulled out the weapon then I silenced the hump
Then he was dead to the head, I took the cash and the Visa
She said, "We gotta merk" not wantin people to see us
We went up to the crib, she had some leak in the freezer
She said, "We're rich! We're rich! We can have whatever would please us"
Now I don't fuck with nothin that ain't good for my health
So I put this boogers head out then I went for Delf'
Now I was rich, yes I was rich, I could have whatever would please me
Rock jewels in front of the haters that used to tease me
Pop me, spot me jumpin outta the truck
Kids be runnin up all screamin, "Yo Tame whassup!!"
I guess I was too flossy, but I'm sorry to say
Because this copper ran up on me, tell ya make my day
I said, "Relax brother" but he had proof that I had done it
'cause he had poor Pervis' underwear with my fingerprints all on it
This was the rise and fall of my ill lifestyle
'cause I was the main event on the TV for awhile
But now I'm in jail doin life, and it's beat
'cause everytime I take a shower niggaz tryna peek
It was the moment I feared..

[inmate] Yo whatchu got up under that towel nigga?
[Tame 1] Man, move ya fuckin hand man!
[inmate] Nigga, come here for a minute!
[Tame 1] It was the moment I feared..
[Tame 1] Yo y'all fuckin butt-pirates better back the fuck up!
[inmate] Give the ass up nigga!
[Tame 1] It was the moment I feared..

Slim Rick.. geuss who's back..
Ricky Walters..
Who's that cat.. bitch..
Maheem Brown.. uh uh
Eastern Conference in the..
Boom Sqwad in the.. the are the R..
'cause that's the way it hafta be
Jokers are wild, if ya want to beat Tame..
Deep concentration, 'cause I'm no comedian..
Rhymin graffitian.. north to south...

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