Rebecca luker - Finale
Overige artiesten: Ryan silverman Judy kuhn

Mary, what is it?
Mary, come quickly
Wait 'till you see it
Mary, what is it?
It's spring
But where did it come from?
From all your hard work, where do you think?

Mary, look at the roses
There are fountains of them
Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
Colin, that's not fair

Archie, why didn't you cable us you were coming?
I didn't know myself, Neville
What on earth is all that noise?
Oh, no, you don't, I'm lots faster than you are
Colin Craven, not so fast

Mary Lennox
Look at me
I'm well

Oh, Colin, my fine brave boy
Can you ever forgive me?

It was the garden that did it, father
And Mary, and Dickon, and Martha
Some kind of charm, it came right out of the ground

Yes, Colin
Colin, look at you

It was Ben that kept the garden alive, father, until
I knew it was against your orders sir, but I
And it was Dickon, who taught us how
Yes, I can imagine
Dickon, if there is ever anything we can do

Sir, what is to become of our Mary?
Why, Mary, I'd nearly forgotten you in all this
It's hard to remember everybody sir

No, it isn't
Three isn't very many people at all
I should be able to remember three people quite easily
Would I be one of them?

Mary Lennox
For as long as you will have us, we are yours
Colin and I, and this is your home
And this, my lovely child is your garden

Come to my garden, nestled in the hill
There I'll keep you safe beside me
Come to my garden, rest there in my arms
There I'll see you safely grown

And on your way, stay here in the garden
As days grow long and mild
Come to the garden
Come, sweet child

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