Irma Thomas with Davell Crawford - Overrated

You can wrap me up, in a state of mind,
And free my sole.
You can take the light that I can't see,
And let it glow.

Every time I see you,
I forget the stormy clouds in my head and I just think about you.

Will you lift me up,
Will you turn my world or is this overrated?
Will you make me weak,
When I hold your hand, or is this overrated?
Will you change my mood,
With a single smile or is this overrated?

Your the only voice, that I want to hear.
Your the only sound.
And I tried so hard to fight this war and it's taking hold.

There's no use in trying,
You can see that I am yours, I'm falling, and so I think about you.


Cause I've been hurt by the same thing before,
You know the kind, the one who you think is for sure.
So don't you go letting me down,
Cause I couldn't take it no more.
Don't you go letting me down.


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