Jadakiss - Lay em down
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(I just wanna tell you that I love you)
(And I appreciate everything you've done for me thus far)

When they ask we don't play around
Load up, roll up, and then we lay 'em down
Niggas hustle on the block with them thangs round
Keep the fast cake, keep a choppa' just to lay em down
If he try, give that lame a lullaby
Make him touch the sky, and if he gotta we lay em down
Trust me, if I gotta spray the pound
I won't hesitate for one second, to lay 'em down

Another man down let me see you try to live through 'em
I had the whole town talking 'bout what you did to 'em
Funny how quickly they forget what I give to 'em
Life or dead situations I had us live through 'em
Still let the ? off
Couple more to pick off
When the drama is lit you can't cut the wick off
Streets taught him well, learnt it until it cost him
Reciprocated the hate and turned it into a fortune
Never woulda tried his hand, but they forced him
So right after they fried his man, then they off'ed him
Yeah you know the trees, the mink stop right below the knees
Four door shit from overseas
Underboss from the other side,
Blame me when you hear that they killed his whole mother's side
Never the money, always for the love of it
After you put 'em to bed, I sing 'em a lullaby


Give that lame a lullaby, bed time story
You wouldn't die to do fed time for me
You gon' fuck around and make the headline story
Bitch in the whip, lettin' it redline for me
Fuck ? get somethin' on the freeway, sucka free
Five less than twenty for the bird, nigga fuck wit me
Three less than six for the P, get it on the arm
Organic dope, cuz you can get it on the farm
I'm a Godfather, I'm a Don
My ? is my word, word is my ?
Can't be stopped in the first, or the fourth quarter
Work coming in on the dock, now that's a boss order
Big diamonds, clear like VOS water
Payin' money to the judge fuck a court order
Do it big like Frank White
And the K 'll put your brains on the floor, like it ain't right


Writers: Jason Phillips , David Styles , JOSEPH A ACOSTA , PARIS WELLS , RYAN JOHN RITCHIE

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