Snoop dogg - My own way
Overige artiesten: Mr. porter

Bank accounts big cars
Living good like a movie star
My mama house ain't in the hood no more
I moved her out to ?
But it's a trip dog 'cause I am a twenty Crip dog
I gotta lay low my homies wanna do low
I got two strikes and I am gonna get my third
These niggers snitching on me they think I am selling birds
So when I am in the streets I am quick on my feet
See talk is cheap so I stay put on my heat
You niggers bad well Dogg is badder
Ratta, tadder, make you niggers sadder
I was once shot your boy want me now
Went to the station that nigger straight point me out
See I am a lay away and spray away and spray away
'Cause at this time I think it's best I just stay away

They say I am a fool
'Cause I like to do my thing my own way
I gotta couple strikes against me
One more and I am on my way
I ain't got time to hang around the hood like I used to do
I gotta get my break, keep my head and see
That you never get this money instead

Separate elevate concentrate dominate and innovate
Try to be, flies me and every other homie tellin' lie to me
I need a deal I need some stones
I need some beats, dog I need a loan
Help me out throw me some cash
If I got it, you got it, you ain't got to ask
But on the real or is it lately a lot of homies
They try to implicate me
They say I changed is it the fame
If I throw it to you then charge it to the game
Money full, overload, in the hood, another episode
Man I am getting old, the game cold
Yeah I am from the dub, that ain't how I roll


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