Bobby v - Outfit
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I got a house on a hill right next to Jay-Z
And girl I am trying to put you in it
I want lay your body down on the California ?
Girl let me feel it
Let me ? that stress girl clear your mind
If there is a problem you know I deal with it
Just wanna barrow you for the rest of your life
Girl let me know if you’re with it

I know it ain’t no price on your ? I was able to ? that
Cause when they see me in the hood when I got you baby like ?
? baby I need you on my arm
Like a need a fly shirt with a big ? to match
And I need you in my ?
Like a Luis ? with a matching ? on my back
You are my favorite outfit
You are my favorite outfit

I got that showroom ? sitting on ?
Shorty want to take a ride up the coast
And everywhere we go girl see the flashing lights
? bigger and better than most
Let me put that lotion on your back
? and then later on let me get that back
While you’re screaming Bobby V you are my man


You remind me of my hat
Cause you’re always on my mind
My women are like my shoes I can get lower ?
Girl you fit me perfect I can wait to ?
Everybody want you like the kevels ? can’t afford you
? so leave me these are lame
? all they do is ? all I do is ? Christian Dior you
? I don’t waste time


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