Jonathan jeremiah - Lost

Maybe you’ve asked me meet you here to tell me
That you wanna try and work it out
Oh let me down gently
Well I, I couldn’t claim that things were perfect
Sure money's tight and rent's too high
Still what we have is worth it
So I think you need to hear that

I, I'd be lost without you baby
I couldn’t go on, it drives me crazy
I, I'd be lost without you baby
So stay right here, stay right here with me

I know you’ll say it’s been a struggle
We’ve lost our touch
Me, I drink too much
Maybe that’s the trouble
But say we’ll find a way together


Just like that first night we might
2 AM by the gate we jumped the fence
We’re hiding out
We're playing out, laying down
? in the dark


Stay right here
Stay right here

With me

Writers: Jimmy Hogarth , JONATHAN JEREMIAH

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