Cold cave - Pacing around the church

Pacing around the church
There's no one here
There's just excuses when the truth is nowhere near

Stars explode
You dream below
A god
A prayer
In a broken home
You stare at a wall and think about your life
Your brittle little life

You won't make it out there alone
You may need me now
You may need me now and then
This was easy when we were young and free
And now we are anything but either of these
I'll take you
Take me

Chasing the ghosts around
Abandoned towns
You have so much love to give
But nowhere to live

Frozen tears
Dying of thirst
The failure of this affair with your past
Is not the last or first
Your wishes in the well
Go to hell

You can seldom count on love
You can often count on hate
You can always count on death as your fate
And when you need a face for all three
Then darling look for me
I'll take pleasure in bringing
Your enemies to their knees

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