Middle brother - Middle brother

Stay hydrated from from a double shot
Get my nourishment from a punch in the gut
Never really felt I had the best of luck
I gotta big big mouth that just won't shut up
Hop in the car and turn the radio on
Out from the speakers a familiar song
Head down the road decide to hum along
Made it all the way home and left the TV on

But I'm gonna learn to fly an airplane
And its gonna make my Mama proud
I'm going to get my Dad to notice me
Even if I have to fly it into the ground

I know my days are numbered but I'm bad at math
I got a dick so hard that a cat could scratch
Made some bad decisions I shouldn't go back
I cant see her, its just a not like that
You see I had this lovin' baby but I roughed her up
A little ounce of pain behind every grunt
All the noise that I make, I shouldn't complain
Regrets, tourettes, I guess it's the same

But I'm going to learn to fly an airplane
I'm gonna make my children proud
I'm gonna make their mom respect me
Like when I first showed up in town
Oh yeah!

Ain't no money comin in 'cause I got child support
Ain't a fat old woman gonna leave me alone ?
Its a terrible way to live but it ain't my choice
I signed away all of my earnings on the living room floor
Well I could be the hero on the evenin' news
Smilin' in the face of danger like there's nothing to lose
Takin' out terrorists for himself, that's me ?
Tell the kids to stay in schools and always get good grades

Well I'm gonna learn to fly an airplane
I'm gonna make my country proud
I'm gonna send this song Nashville
Sell my soul to a whole new crowd
Oh yeah


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