N dubz vs. Skepta - So Alive

Boy betta know
I don't have a dream when I go to sleep at night
My dream begins when I walk outside
Now I'm on stage and I feel like I'm looking through Michael Jacksons eyes.
Stories, rumors and accusations so I gotta stay self conscious of my hand gestures
Before they call me a Mason or say that I'm working with satan
But even a blind man could see, I would never sell my soul for the P
When you're looking at Skepta, you're looking at grime so the only thing I gotta stay true to is me
I don't need a helping hand, stand up tall, I'm my own man
Find me on the tallest building in the country singing as loud as I can

I-I feel so alive, so alive
Got my two feet on the ground
But it feels like I'm in the sky
It's time to enjoy the sun cause we made it through the rain
Put your hands up in the sky like you're tryna touch a plane
I feel so alive, so alive

(Boy Better Know-oh-oh, yeah)

Shit what have I done
Raa, everyone singing along to my bars
Went triple platinum, see me I'm trying to do what Elvis done
And the stage is way too big for me
Labels never thought this guy from the ghetto could make all these girls sing for me
Nana, nana, nana, niiiiii
I got a big NANA chain hanging down to my navel
Tell the bartender "take a fat bottle of champagne to Polydor's table"
Big men acting like school kids
Say there gonna run up on me with a full clip
So I pull down the two flaps on my cap cause I didn't want to hear that bullsh-t


It's time to get dark
Blacker than Cilla
Fazer aka 6 figure n-gga
Man said I got robbed for my chain
Until I put a picture on Skepta's twitter
When I go to the Gucci store I dress rags
Security think that I aint gonna buy shit
Then I pull out my card, swipe it, bowl out with 20 bags
If I like them, cop them, f-ck the hater, can't stop them
MC's wanna diss N-Dubz but they can't get a top twenty let alone a top ten
So if it weren't for the fans I woulda had a haters blood on my hands
I'mma mastermind behind the keyboard so I'mma carry on stacking up these grands


Thanks hope there right
Finnley xx


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