Lloyd banks - Take 'em to war
Overige artiesten: Tony yayo

My enemies, they ain't gone, they remember me!
Power on the, power on the
Money brings flees they put, put pop queens on ease.
Genetics is like the genes on dirty,
It's seven thirty and I feel like early,
I tried betting on these
Make the solo
Life's is been pushing me to the limit,
Of just getting by, there's no way to live it!
What are you taking me for?
Try to take you're be laying on the floor.
Some of these comrades were grieving here before,
I'm losing, losing, every time I'm leave it on the door.
They don't respect war,
This is the reason not to fall,
Heaven's door got to be better than have been seen before,

Enough talking, let's take it to war!
Stay laying on the floor,
What are you taking me for?
I'll fall
I'd rather be not here and hungry,
I'm sick when I'm not near my money,
They want me to lose but I'm gonna win,
I made it here before; I know I can make it again.

I retaliate straight,
For me to end that's miracle,
Something chemical
I show shadow, I'm all
The for twenty four hours,
You're cowards, on my super powers,
Super dollars,

You've been drowning, I found
She and John are in front of the new battalion,

I don't cuddle,
No need for
Jealousy and crime telling,
Keep the neighborhood on edge,
Ain't nobody smiling for.


Good, good and spell on my lungs,
Pick up on a form, I'm done.

Being broke at thirty give you chills,

Make the girls talk
Disrespect the hatred and learn to live some,
Being this between me and you,
And I'm a pill, my thoughts are
Driven of the old school.
So don't merge in my lane,
Tell what a game,
I built a


Writers: Christopher Charles Lloyd , Marvin Bernard , Carl E. McCormick

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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