Slaine - Crazy
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This song is about goin' crazy
Losin' your fuckin' mind
Stayin' out too many days at a time

I'm starin' down a dark tunnel and I can't see the light
Rats crawlin' everywhere, you know how they be at night
I got a gun in my hand, and I gotta squeeze it tight
I'm tryin' to get out of here, no one said it's easy right?
My stomach is queasy like, I got a fuckin' lump in my throat
More than a decade, I'm searchin' and I'm huntin' for hope
Soakin' in alcohol, smokin' usin' somethin' to cope
But how much water can you bail from your boat, 'fore it sinks?
My hijinks, made my eyes chink, pink from the lye stink
Pockets broke made want to rob things
Fuck this rap shit! My city's full of suicide kings
So from here on, this is now a do or die thing

I got a baby on the way, mad bills to pay
But I took too many God damn pills today
And I can't get out of this haze, out of my bed
Can't get these sick thoughts outta my head, I'm goin' crazy

I don't wanna talk shit, but this weed in my pocket
Is makin' me crazy, just get me a straight-jacket and lock it
I'm fueled like a rocket, the topic of conversation
Is I'm a little +Insane in the Brain+, and I can spark it
Like a suicide bomber, homey I'm ready to bomb it
Adrenaline takin' over, think I'm gonna vomit
But I can promise you one thing, I walk it like I talk it
If I shoot a comet at you better hope that you can duck it
Fuck it, I'm annoyed with some of these shitty rappers
Tryin' to turn the fuckin' lights out just call me The Clapper
Cause homeboy is a poser, takin' it so far
I put you on the corner where most of my hoes are, and

You can make money for daddy, just don't be mad at me
But this is what happens any time you throw a jab at me
You can take a stab at me, and really get peeled maybe
It's time to put you away, homey I'm still crazy

Lord forgive me I'm surrounded by sin, insects crawlin' under my skin
Demons knockin' at the door of my mind, I feel like lettin' 'em in
What you call drug dependency. I call settin' a trend
I was always into drugs, just nobody caught me
I learned it from the best teachers, my family taught me
I got knocked went to trial, guess what that bought me?
The aura of invincibility, you can't stop me
My great grandfather was a doctor, his son was a doctor
Soon as I found pussy, I wanted to play doctor
In my middle school locker I had a bottle of vodka
Took a shot at lunchtime, sprayed my breath with Binaca
I'm no psycho, my sheet says I'm a sociopath
I enjoy prescription pills and blowin' that grass
What you callin' big cash, I would throw in the stash
That weed you saying's exotic I throw in the trash

I got nothin' to live for except a 40 cal slug
Waitin' up in the barrel I can take it in the mug
Everybody hates Jay, that don't faze me
I never learned karate, but I know crazy

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