Randy rogers band - Damn the rain

Well, she loved the rain more than just about anything at all
The way it washed her clean
The way it cooled everything off
She used to run around in it like a wild child
Getting soaked to her bare feet
It came down in buckets the summer she left me

Damn the rain for making me remember
All the pain of losing everything
I still miss her touch
Still love her too much
To ever curse her name
So damn the rain

I used to watch it splash off the window pane
From her side of the bed
Mornings just like this one,
When the leaves were gold and red

Well it was hidin' the tears runnin' down her cheeks
When I heard the last words she said
I should've taken the blame,
I should've begged her to stay,
But my pride won out instead


Damn the rain

The storms roll through, and memories too
She's gone just the same


Damn the rain
Damn the rain
Damn the rain

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