Randy rogers band - Missing you is more than i can do

The bright lights and the big city life
Drove you right outta town
I watched you leave with a smile on my face
I knew I never could tie you down
You got settled in, down at the Seashore Inn
And you made some new friends of your own
Now it's been two years and I'm not quite sure
But I don't think you're coming home
While you're staring at the stars tonight
I'm all wrapped up in blue

If I had it my way
I'd be on that train to L.A.
'Cause I never met somebody quite like you
And I think it would be awesome
If you'd get on that plane to Austin
Maybe missing you is more than I can do

We both knew that it was long overdue
But you finally got your break
Now you get to see the world and I'm so proud
Everybody knows your name
Don't take this wrong because I know you belong
Out there on that stage
But I swear if my life was an open book
It would be missing a page

While the sun sets in the Hollywood Hills
My heart is broken in two

[Chorus: x2]

Maybe missing you is more than I can do

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