Deer tick - I will not be myself

I feel stuck between two places
Crust and the reward of your face
And I'm burning up inside
As I drive and twist the knife
Between us, well it should remain ours
Between their blood clots and scars

I won't consider advice
When they carry the deadliest vice
And I feel that I ain't done wrong
Yes it's just when I have no place to go

Nobody can be themselves
If they just act like someone else
And you know that I'd wait an awful long time
But you gave up and shoved me aside

So gouge, gouge out my eyes
Cause I know true love is blind
Now we'll envy each other to death
To be able to finish each others sentences

And I lie awake
Cause I gave up prescription drugs
My brain gets tired
As I lay watching too much time

So gouge, gouge my eyes
Cause I know true love is blind
And no one can be themselves
If they only act like someone else

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