Josh abbott band - If you're leaving (i'm coming too)

You’re walking out as I’m walking in.
You say you’re done that you’ve reached your end.
Girl I don’t know what I’d do
But if you’re leaving I’m coming too.

If I’m broken promises then baby you’re the lies.
If I’m excuses you’re lonely alibis.
You walking out ain’t nothing new.
So if you’re leaving I’m coming too.

Well maybe it’s our jobs pushing us around
Or the ghosts of our pasts knocking us down.
I need you babe; I’m aiming and ready to run.
Somewhere along the way we lost sight of me and you
But if you’re leaving, I’m coming too.

Let’s pack it light and get out of this town.
No more baggage weighing us down.
Heaven’s on the other side of hell we’ve been through.
So if you’re leaving I’m coming too.

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