Morphia - Sound Of Violence

Our killing spree of violence
Spreads further away
Inevitable, unstoppable
We'll never go away
Until we've killed their kin
A fight we cannot win

We are willingly prepared to sacrifice
The lives of those we love
What unforgivable bitterness has driven us
Into this incomprehensive cause
Love will die
Where hatred thrives

The silent side of violence
comes closer every day
Invisible, unstoppable
They will not go away
until they've taken what is ours
Until they've killed our kin
A fight they'll never win

A sudden flashback in time and memory
Silence, for a second
The world seems to hold its breath
Like a child pauses before bursting into crying

And then...
In the largest gust of sound ever imaginable
I am overwhelmed
By the rolling laughter of hatred

The howling of sirens
Resounded with the crying
Of men, women and children
In turn in despair
For a comforting word
A familiar face
But all I find are strangers
From far beyond my darkest dreams
How will I ever forget their faces?

Why am I supposed to fight
A foe I did not choose
What good are games without an end
In which one only lose
This never-ending hate of ours
Will tear this world apart
Until eventually the beating stops
The beating of our hearts

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