Morphia - Frozen Dust

Softly the snow falls down
It forms a shroud over the barren sheet
The place where I've found myself
Gets softly covered...

Slowly I walk towards the trees of pain
My footsteps rape this virginal landscape
They're only witness of my unbearable pain
And as I arrive there with tears in my eyes
The memory begins

Now I'm facing my fear once again
So long unspoken, so long denied
Under the shadows of this forest
I will show you...
My pain

I will show you fear in a handfull of dust
Unfulfilled dreams, painful memories
In this cold wind, blowing through the trees
My tears will freeze
Frozen dust

Slowly I restart my journey
Freezing in the cold wind
That screams through the silence
In the barren wastes of my heart

No more shadows
No more fears
Take this pain
Away from here

Leave this forest
Behind me
Oh God
Make me free

Take me...
From here...
Let me feel again

I can't take it no more
No more pain anymore
No more painful memories
No more endless tears
No more screaming
No more bleeding
No more fear

No more...

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