Birdman - Money Machine

Bitch I'm paid, that's all I gotta say,
Can't see you lil' niggas, the money in the way,
Bitch I'm paid bitch bitcha I'm paid,
Bitch I'm paid bitch bitcha I'm paid,
Bitch I'm paid, that's all I gotta say,
Bitch I'm paid, that's all I gotta say,
Bitch I'm paid bitch bitcha I'm paid,
Bitch I'm paid bitch bitcha I'm paid

Hard body cocaine flow dope game never wrote more cane,
More to gain more money not a choke smoke.. cane,
More money blood Mary Jane,
Switchin' ya lane doing thangs nigga making change,
Fast like a hurry,
More money that I ever seen bitch don't you worry,
That's how we breaded uptown soldier,
Never did 4 bitch known how I roll her,
The Porsche came wit candy,
The money on the line,
Hundred G's all the time,
Nigga pitch the sunshine,
4 dope Cartier old hoe still there,
So I brought her to the mall,
Bitch! shawty we don't care,
Ball til you fall, bitch she be shinin' hard time,
Bought my bitch a white mink and a matching Benz 5,
Priceless in the Lambo, hustlin' wit my ammo,
Shinin' like a diamond when I jump of out this Lambo


Jump through the lane, Nothing ever change,
Got more money so shit still the same,
More cane nigga so we never did change,
Live through the cycle nigga struggle for the fame,
Money came more so we hustle all the time,
More that we get nigga more that we fly,
The sunshine came to the moon how we grind,
Nigga money now still flippin' all the time,
The motor change niggas so the watch wit the meter,
Cartier face every time that I see her,
Chandelier lights to the prices of the dice,
Roll a hundred G's nigga fuck the same night,
Poppin' Don P Red champagne,
Alize poppin' more blowin' air,
Draggin' that brown nigga holdin' uptown puttin' it down
Hold my crown got the game of the ground,
That's how we get it, more money on the island,
More money by da hour, more muscle wit this power,
Climbin' more fences, higher than a light,
More money so bright, so we cash it that night,
Why another million, still another ticket,
Bought another lambo, bought another building,
Flossin' all the time, Porsche, Benz, truck, every time I pull up,
Somethin' new came up, flossin' with the ice,
Nigga priceless wit the life, Give a fuck about the price,
Do the same thing twice,

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