d - Dangerous

Uh, hmm, oh yeah
Oh yeah baby
I usually don`t have no time
I`m kinda tight with my ends
Girl I could care less for one
That`s why I don`t have a girlfriend
But there`s something about your girl
That just makes me feel so wild
I`m willing to give it all
And I want you to have my child, oh yeah

1 - It`s dangerous to fall in love
Before you girl I`d given up
It`s dangerous to fall in love
Before you girl I`d given up

I want to relax with you
I want to contact with you
They say that the fact is true
The fact is love with you
I want to make ends with you
I want to be friends with you
Whatever I choose to do
I want to include you, girl

Don`t talk just listen
Girl you know what I`m saying
Can`t be actin like that
Know what I`m sayin`?
Mr. Dalvin up here laying it down
Know what I`m sayin`?
You got to open up, say
To me you don`t even look that good
You know what I`m sayin`?
But uh?
Repeat 1

(And baby I will)
And I will
(And honey I will)
Take your hand at night
(And sugar I will)
If that`s alright
(And darlin` I will)
(And baby I will)
Come on baby
(And honey I will)
Oh yeah
(And sugar I will)
(And darlin` I will)
It`s dangerous girl

Repeat 1 fade out

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