Angela lansbury - Finale

Christmas bells are ringing
Christmas bells are ringing
Christmas bells are ringing

How time flies
When compassion dies
No stocking, no candy canes
No gingerbread, no safety net

No loose change, no change, no
Santa Claus is coming
'Cause Santa Claus ain't coming
No room at the Holiday Inn again
Well, maybe next year or when

December twenty-fourth, ten p.m.
Eastern standard time
I can't believe a year went by so fast
Time to see, what we have time to see

Turn the projector on first shot roger
With the fender guitar he just got out of hock
When he sold the car
That took him away and back

I found my song
He found his song
If he could just find Mimi
I tried you know I tried

Fade in on mark
Who's still in the dark
But he's got great footage
Which he's cut together

To screen tonight
In honor of Benny's wife
Muffy, Alison
Pulling Benny out of the east village location

Then again, maybe we won't screen it tonight
I wonder how Alison found out about Mimi?
Maybe a bird told her or an angel
I had a little hunch you could use, a little 'flow

Tutoring again? Negative
Back at you? No, no you, no
I rewired the ATM at the food emporium
To provide an honorarium to anyone with the code

The code, well

Yet robin hooding isn't the solution
The powers that be must be undermined
Where they dwell in a small exclusive
Gourmet institution

Where we overcharge the wealthy, clientèle
Let's open up a restaurant in Santa Fe
With a private corner banquette in the back
We'll make it yet, we'll somehow get to Santa Fe

But you'd miss New York before you could unpack
Mark, Roger, anyone? Help
It's Mimi, I can't get her up the stairs

No, she was huddled in the park in the dark
And she was freezing and begged to come here
Over here, oh, god
Got a light, I know you, you're shivering

She's been living on the street
We need some heat
I'm shivering
We can buy some wood and something to eat

I'm afraid she needs more than heat
I heard that
Collins will call for a doctor, honey
Don't waste your money on mimi, me, me

Hello-911? I'm on hold
Cold, cold, would you light my candle
Yes, we'll, oh God, find a candle

I should tell you
I should tell you
I should tell you
I should tell you

I should tell you
Benny wasn't any
Shh, I know
I should tell you why I left
It wasn't, 'cause I didn't

I know, I should tell you
I should tell you
I should tell you, I love you

Who do you think you are?
Leaving me alone with my guitar
Hold on there's something you
Should here
It isn't much but it took all year

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