Mitchel musso - Let it go
Overige artiesten: Tiffany thornton

Uh-oh, why you holding back, now?
Don't you know it's time to let your inner freak out?
Uh-oh (Uh oh)
Nothing's gonna stop us.
Not when the beat is kicking like this does

Why should I care about the opinion of others?
I don't wanna spend my time hiding under the covers
scared to let it loose, let myself go and just be free
So I'm-a do what I do best
That mean's I must do me

She said now don't stop, let it, let it,
All hand up, come on, get rid it
If you wanna hear it, go,
But you gotta let it flow.
Feels good, real good.
Don't be 'fraid to sing it now.
Hoke it, toke it, karaoke
Everybody get on down!

Arms out, hands up
Push it like you've had enough.
Come on, let me hear the love

Just let it loose now.
Now everybody hit the floor!
I know you know how.
What you holding back for?
So don't be shy, no
Party people, now let's get to it.
Come on, just let it go.
Now that's the way you gotta do it

Uh-oh, now we getting crazy
And I know, you know, I know it feels amazing.
Uh-oh (Uh-oh)
Nothing's gonna stop us.
Not when the bear knows how to roll in my dust.

I got my girls with me and no doubt
that you're my friend.
Don't gotta act like someone else
I don't have to pretend.
Used to be a little shy
Can you believe it's true?
But then I learned to shed my skin
And you can do it too!

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