Tinie Tempah - Wifey

You ring me often nightly
At precisely nine tight
Nigga never off
But you were one time like 10 o'clock
But that's life B
And you are my wifey
You look right with your hair to the side
Blue jeans, nice shoes and a yellow top
Likes tunes from bashment to mellowrock
You're a real chick
That's why I moved to you real quick
This some real shit

I'mma settle with a real chick
Anytime you call I'll be there quicker then Dorothy's heels click
Look 'cause you make me feel shit
I've never felt in my life
If ever I see my life
I'd wish forever you'd be my wife
'Cause girl whatever you'd be I'll like
And I mean anything
I plan to give you many rings
Look and I don't mean phonecalls
I mean any bling
Anything you want I'll try to make it possible
'Cause I got fame and fans
But without you it's like I lost it all
Your sexy Jamaican roots
Make you cook that hot
And not jus' only that 'cause
Your South American side brings out your backoff
And I would advise those other guys to back off
'Cause you'll be pissed if I can't have a hold of the backoff
Or take them tits to a tax off
Your chick's like a Porsche, she can wax off
Look, she's rideable
But my chick's got wax, neons and tints
She's brideable
I'm getting sick of making love tunes to make love to
So I'm gonna do this one more tune and send this out to the thugs too
It's for the wives

You know and I make her feel like
You know when I leave her she's like
You know when I call her she's like

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