Boo-yaa t.r.i.b.e. - 911
Overige artiesten: Eminem B-real

[ Eminem ]
WAAAHHHOOOOOO , hahaha (laughs)
Guess who's back !?
Mommy , we're home
Say hello to my little friends , DJ Muggs , Soul Assassins , Cypress Hill
Everybody , put your hands where my eyes can see

[ Eminem ]
Everywhere we go people know that we roll deep as fuck , forty fifty Samoans , they knowin´ when D-Bo was
50 , Tweezy , Obie there won't be no hoe in us , they pop shit like they gon´ do shit but no one does
From New York down to Texas , back up to Los Angeles , we've changed the way we move so man up if you can't adjust
You may end up gettin´ rushed by too many to handle us , it's funny I guess money does have its advantages
And it isn't that we just think that we can't be touched , it's not like we're just feelin´ ourselves that much
It's just , that if someone ever does put us in the clutch , we just know that why'all ain't gon´ be the one who's gon´ do it
Cause first of all you're pussy and everybody can see that , you fuck around get caught in a spot that you shouldn't be at
That you got no business being in , we ain't even gon´ be in it , no one's gonna hear nothin , no one's gonna see this shit
And they'll be in and up out of it , them boys is bout it , bout it , the noise from (???) be drowned out by the crowd
And you'll be layin´ on the ground gettin´ trampled by people dancin´ , till the club closes and clears out
And that's when they see you flatened , nobody saw it happen , all cause your jaws are flappin´
And you couldn't stop yappin´ and took it past rappin´ , it ain't about the music no more , it's about tryin´ to show off
And it feels like any minute the bomb is about to go off

[Chorus - Eminem]
Shit's about to change , cause we ain't playin´ no games
We ain't budgin´ neither are they , we ain't sayin´ no names
Shit just ain't the same , when the K's get to scream
Hip hop is in a state of 911
It ain't about hip hop , cause those days are gone
It ain't about tryin rip shots , to get props no more
It's about tryin´ not to get popped , and get dropped to the floor
Cause hip hop is in a state of 911

Step off my holster cause shit it's gettin´ serious , all these drugs you be fuckin´ with make you delirious
Thinkin´ you coming with heat , yo son I'm curious , how long are you gonna hate us and judge us and jury us ?
Some people can never fade us , that make us so furious , mistake us for fakers , homie we great but glorious
We livin´ for real and others just makin´ the stories up , allusions are broken , so live it up , you corny fucks
If you take a fuckin´ minute to think about what you've done , when you stood against the gangsta who live and die by the gun
Got a hot one , sprayin´ you bitches till there is none , I'm like a rolling stone homie , I got you under my thumb
You silly little bitches can end up right up in ditches , we cut you and give you stitches , for envy and all my riches
Your game's just like a midget , you're clockin´ a small digit , dealin´ with the Giant Goliath , people that's how we live it , see'mon


[Ganxsta Ridd]
Uh , gangsta gangsta who come to pay you a visit , on this shit you call hip hop , this function is where did it
When I put it in motion , my focus is gettin´ branded , my appetite for destruction is blasted because I said it
Got you stumblin´ for cover , this music dyin´ in numbers , but you wouldn't pause and wonder , admittin it's all glamour
When you enter the business you thinkin´ you runnin shit , you witness that funny shit , your bitches they ain't shit
We gangstas we blast first , ask questions later , all these imitators parading like they some playaz
Tryin´ to save hip hop the task is somethin greater , cause we old fashioned coded with loyalty motivaters
Get caught , I'm not tellin´ , or more like killin´ not caring , I'm ridin´ a gangsta feelin´ , no fearing when gangstas dyin´
I'm in a full circle with homies that supposed to bleed , on an 8 mile mission with Cypress and O.G.'s


Writers: RICHELL BONNER , M. Johnson , R. EDWARDS

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