Dr. dog - Jealous man

I'm not a jealous man
Oh but I am
I can't help it baby
So would you help me baby
Tell me that I'm your only man
Cause' if you love me babe
You'll love it when I say
You've got to be mine
Nobody else can ever have you
You've got to be mine, all mine, all the time
What did I say baby, the first time
Nobody else can ever have you

I heard you call my name, down by the river
You know that I will succeed baby
You know, I will deliver you
You got to keep your eyes
On that very, distant prize babe
It's my honor, It's my only fate.
You've got to be mine all mine.

Now when I saw that you were scheming, you know it hurt me bad
And when I saw that, you were cheating, you know it only made it worse
And now, now that you've left me
I don't think, no I don't think
I can make it on my own

Writers: J Louis

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc. , HENSTONE MUSIC

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